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The Evaluation Fee will apply if:

  1. No fault is found with the warranty unit or non-warranty unit
  2. The decision is made not to repair the non-warranty problem
  3. The warranty claim becomes void due to damage caused by misuse

* The RMA provided will only be valid for 6 months. After that time a new number or an extension must be requested.

** Information required to confirm warranty status. If not provided, equipment repair may not be covered.

International Shipment General Guidelines

  • Invoice must be in English
  • Each packing list and invoice shall state in adequate detail what merchandise is contained in each individual package. The Packing List and Invoice need a detailed description of the merchandise together with the marks and numbers of the packages in which the merchandise is packed.  Each line item to include the Harmonized Tariff No. 9801.00.1053, the product description, the value, the Serial Number(s) and USML or ECCN"
  • Foreign shipper will provide advance notice, to include a copy of the commercial invoice, to the Importer of Record prior to releasing the commodities for shipment to the U.S. Shipper will forward draft shipping documents (invoice, packing list, airbill, etc) to L-3 GCS (Caroline.Gwilt@L3T.com) for review.
  • L-3 GCS does not care which carrier is used to ship the equipment to the United States, however, please make sure that your preferred carrier understands and the paperwork states: "This equipment stall be turned over to L-3 GCS' custom broker, Unitrans International Corporation for clearance and final delivery to L-3 GCS.  Unitrans can be reached at phone (718) 949-2144 or via fax at (718) 949-2177."

    "NOTIFY U.S. Customs Broker:"
    Unitrans International Corporation
    New York Office (JFK)
    144-18 56th Street
    Jamaica, NY 14434
    ATTN: Rene Schaub (718) 949-2144
    E-Mail: Rene.Schaub@unitrans-us.com
  • The invoice and Packing List shall include one of the following statements:

    If ITAR:  "This shipment is being imported in accordance with and under the authority of 22 CFR 123.4(a)(1)."
    If EAR:  "This shipment is being imported into the United States to the OEM for repair in accordance with and under authority of EAR 15 CFR 740.10."
  • Any questions on shipment, please let Caroline Gwilt know via E-Mail Caroline.Gwilt@L3T.com or Telephone (585) 742-9147

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